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test specs 2

Specifications for The Redesigned SAT

Passed to The Tutor Report by Kevin Organisciak,President & Founder, Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals Consulting. Based on a wealth of evidence about essential prerequisites for student success in post secondary education, the redesigned sat requires students to: read, analyze, and use reasoning to comprehend challenging literary and informational texts, including texts on science and […]

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summer learning

Summer Learning Funding – Free Guide

While summer learning is an emerging strategy for education reform, uncertainty over how to pay for it, especially in an environment of tough budget choices, has been a barrier for school districts and community partners alike. But for those who know where to look and devise creative strategies to combine funding streams for summer learning, […]

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high school

Six Years For High School?

First reported on PBS. BROOKLYN, N.Y. — A new six-year Brooklyn high school has been called the future of vocational education in America. TIME Magazine recently profiled the school’s concept on its cover with the headline, “The Diploma That Works,” and when President Barack Obama visited the campus here in October he called it “outstanding.” […]

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Beautifully Simple Task Manager – Taasky

In an increasingly complicated technological world sometimes it’s a breath of fresh air to discover something so beautifully streamlined and simple as Taasky. As the name suggests this is a tasking App and even their website is simple and to the point telling you much of what you need to know with the video playing […]

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George W. Bush defends NCLB

First reported in Raw Story NCLB – No Child Left Behind was signed into law by George W. Bush in 2001 requiring all students to be proficient in reading and math by 2014. Supplemental Education Services (SES) tutoring was provided to many students in an attempt to close this gap. Inequality in the U.S. education […]

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George and Ishmael

National Tutoring Association – Conference Round Up

Conferences, Conventions and Tradeshows can be exhausting; sometimes from rushing around and sometimes from excruciating boredom and awkward social situations. Not so the 21st Annual National Tutoring Association conference which moved at a fun pace and was interspersed with entertainment, great food and interesting guests and most importantly open and friendly delegates. The conference sessions […]

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Duolingo for Foreign Language Support

If you teach Spanish, French, German, Italian or Portuguese and you are not using Duolingo as complimentary practice curriculum then have I got a treat for you. Duolingo is a free web and mobile application pitched as free language learning and crowd-sourced text translation service. It’s fun and easy to use but how does it […]

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PIB Intelligent Match

Oases Online Gets a Facelift

Oases Online the premier provider of scheduling and tracking software for afterschool, tutoring and coaching has been ‘under the knife’ for the last few months and on Thursday March 20th, the new look was released. The entire system has been moved to a new programming platform that allows increased functionality and a more modern user […]

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Randy Dorn

Will SES Tutoring Come Back to Washington State?

After being placed on ‘high-risk’ status back in August (see article) Washington State could be the first state to lose what was once a much coveted waiver from the requirements of NCLB (No Child Left Behind). I say ‘once coveted’ as surely some states must by now be realizing they sold their autonomy for a […]

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social media

Using Social Media as an Advocacy Tool – Free NAA Webinar

From the National AfterSchool Association Using Social Media as an Advocacy Tool   Mar. 27, 1:00 – 1:30 EST   About this webinar:   We’ve all used Facebook or Twitter to share exciting news, post pictures or comment on the latest topic, but have you ever considered using social media for advocacy? With so many […]

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The SAT is Changing (Again) – Position Yourself

As we have all heard the SAT is set to change again and here is a well thought out response and approach by Kevin Organisciak of Test Prep & Tutoring Professionals.   The Collegeboard’s recent announcement that the SAT will change in Spring of 2016 has created ripples throughout the test prep and tutoring world. […]

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5 Useful IFTTT Recipes

If you saw yesterday’s article on IFTTT then you already know what IFTTT does so here, as promised, are some useful recipes. I considered the recipe about advance warning of the zombie apocalypse but decided to keep it, as the title suggests, useful. 1. When updating WordPress, Update Linkedin by johnfinangelo Use this recipe to […]

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