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Utah Ponders If It Should Return To NCLB

 Lisa Schencker, The Salt Lake Tribune. After more than two hours of heated debate, the state school board voted Thursday evening to postpone a decision about whether to return to the unpopular federal education law No Child Left Behind. The board voted to decide at its Aug. 8 meeting whether to seek a renewal of […]

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Business Resource – Avery Summer Templates

 TEMPLATES GALORE I’m sure most of you have used the online Avery Template resource to build mailing labels and stickers but they have introduced some great Summer Templates that could be used in the office or for your Summer Camp and Tutoring projects. FUNKY SUMMER INVITE Throwing an event or party at your center for […]

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Dogs on Deployment – Help our Troops

 And now for something completely different……….. Pulling out my soap box……….. getting situated……. picking up my mega-horn……….. Here goes…….. Dogs on Deployment finds foster homes for the pets of service men and women whilst on deployment. My son joined the Marines whilst still in high school and in a few weeks will ship out to […]

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Free Afterschool Engineering Curriculum

 Engineering is Elementary, Developed by the Museum of Science, Boston. Do you struggle to think of STEAM or critical thinking activities to do with your afterschool kids? Perhaps you are a tutoring company running some STEM or STEAM workshops at the weekend. Well free help is at hand courtesy of the Museum of Science in […]

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Best Practices to Prevent Bullying

 Bullies can escalate their behavior during Summer Camp, AfterSchool and their associated field trips. The fun atmosphere of camp and field trips can be interpreted by the bully as ‘an anything goes’ environment, that the rules of social engagement no longer apply. This might not be true for all students but it was for my […]

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A Teacher’s Philosophy of Education

 By Kelly Josephson with foreword by Ariel Mordetsky of Oases Online. I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly for over 10 years. I never knew her story until recently. Since I have known her she has always had her nose in a book or was talking with fellow teachers about whatever it is teachers […]

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Higher Expectations to Better Outcomes for Children with Disabilities

 Perhaps this article should be entitled, ‘Yet again the US DOE prove that they don’t have a clue about education’. Any special ed teacher or tutor knows that suggesting that students with disabilities should just try harder or we should expect more from them is not going to miraculously get them performing at grade level. […]

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Spice Up Your Ad & Blog Graphics with Canva

 As you know I’m a bit of a geek and I love finding new software products that are fun and simple to use but serve a great purpose and actually increase efficiency and help lower some of your overheads. Wow! That’s a tough wish list and if I add FREE to the mix there are […]

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financial aid

5 Steps to Navigate College Savings & Financial Aid

 Tutoring providers assisting students with test prep will always be asked about funding by parents, at what is a stressful time for them. Make sure you are armed with helpful tips or point them in the direction of this article. By Blaine Blontz, MBA. First published by iCollaborate on the A+ Blog. Parents of college-bound […]

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social media

4 Simple Ways To Stand Out In Social Media

 By Jason Robbins, CEO of ePromos Promotional Products. Listen: Do you hear crickets chirping in your company’s social media channels? If you want to create a buzz, you’ve got to do something to stand out. Too many businesses do their social media posting by the books – and that’s boring. People don’t want to be […]

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word of mouth marketing

Create Word of Mouth Marketing For Your Tutoring Business

 Word of mouth can and should be a significant source of new students for your tutoring business. Great service will organically produce buzz about your company. But this doesn’t mean you should sit by idly, hoping and waiting for this to happen. Here are 5 actionable ways to create word of mouth for your tutoring […]

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The Importance of Training Peer Tutors

 By Dr. Sandi Ayaz, Executive Director, National Tutoring Association. Tutoring is a holistic process where a student and a tutor make a mutual journey to discover and practice academic and life skills while searching for and repairing the academic disconnect that has kept the student from becoming a fully self-facilitated learner. The tutor’s responsibility is […]

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