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Virtual School – Waving Goodbye To A Brick & Mortar School – Part Two

 Read Part One of Waving Goodby to a Brick & Mortar School before reading Part Two! My Daughter’s Perspective As I mentioned in Part One of this series, along with a myriad of my other opinons, my daughter increasinly expressed her growing disdain and intolerance with and to the school system. While a choice to […]

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tax statement

Do You Need Customer Tax Statements for Tutoring & Child Care?

 In early 2015 Oases Online will be introducing the ability for Oases customers to print out tax statements for their customers. Making this tedious annual task a total snap at no additional cost for the functionality. Many providers have lots of questions surrounding tax statements and whether they need to provide them and what they […]

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Less is More: Simple Rules for Better Results. Stanford Webinar

 Less is More: How to Use Simple Rules for Better Results September 16th, 1:00 pm Eastern/10:00 am Pacific Don’t miss your chance to attend Less is More: How to Use Simple Rules for Better Results with Professor Kathleen Eisenhardt. Register now to join us on September 16th at 10 am Pacific and learn how to […]

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Questions & Answers with a Common Core Math Expert

   Get Your Common Core Math Questions Answered Learn Zillion is delighted to offer you a special Q&A opportunity with Jason Zimba, a lead author of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and a founding partner at Student Achievement Partners. Jason will be online September 16th, from 4:30-5:30pm EST. He will answer as many […]

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NCLB Waivers Are Illegal Proves Top Law Professor

 In his paper Federalizing Education by Waiver?, University of South Carolina law professor Derek W. Black proves that the Waivers offered to states from the requirements of NCLB and its parent ESEA are unlawful. I have always maintained that this was the case without the clout to prove it, but someone now has, and that […]

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Gov Mary Fallin

Oklahoma Has To Provide SES Tutoring Again

 But don’t get too excited about the return of SES tutoring as once again the Department of Education has managed to include a possible loophole in the letter sent to Superintendent Janet Barresi on August 28, 2014. Many news outlets are reporting that Oklahoma lost their waiver from the requirements of ESEA aka NCLB because […]

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What is Your Conference & Convention Personality?

 I have a conference coming up in October in Orlando – The Student Success Summit. It’s a new one for us in the tutoring and afterschool world and is an amalgamation of the Florida Afterschool Conference and Educational Strategies and Student Engagement Institute and we will be there giving away Oases goodies and spreading the […]

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Virtual School – Waving Goodbye to a Brick & Mortar School – Part One

 The Decision to go Virtual If you had asked me a couple of years ago if I would pull my child from the public school system I would have laughed in your face! You see I’m old school, pun intended, and believe in the University of Life and the School of Hard Knocks. While my […]

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Using Motivation to Manage Employees

 4 keys to managing your employees By Manmohan Joshi, first published on Bookboon.   1. Why do people need motivation? Motivation is the will to act. What we call “motives” are the reasons why people act in certain ways. Today’s increasingly competitive business world needs a highly motivated workforce for any organization seeking to achieve […]

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personaliing math

Personalizing Math Webinar August 27th

  Personalizing Math Through Technology and Differentiated Instruction Personalizing Math – Facing more rigorous math standards and expectations, schools are exploring new avenues to engage students in numeracy and address diverse learning needs. Silvestre Arcos, an award-winning math instructional leader, has found that resourceful use of technology can help teachers personalize instruction so that “students […]

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Five Practices That Could Transform Your Tutor Coaching

 Excerpts of EdWeek article by Elena Aguilar reproduced with foreword by The Tutor Report. Tutoring companies who monitor and assess their Tutor’s professional development or companies offering coaching for tutors might be interested in some tips published by Elena Aguilar on EdWeek regarding feedback and and planning for tutor/teacher coaching. Active Listening The first highest […]

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A Week With Private Tutoring Services in Florida

  If you were wondering about the lack of posts last week it was because I was out of the office visiting with an Oases Online customer Private Tutoring Services in South Florida; Boca Raton and Wellington to be precise. I was visiting PTS for Oases Training as their staff wanted a full Oases refresher […]

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