In this area of The Tutor Report you will find information for SES by State, there is a page for every state that has submitted an application for a waiver from NCLB and SES by State for those that have not. (Just hover over the menu button above to find SES by State information or use the in-page menu below)

SES by State – List

140425 ses map
Map of States with waivers from NCLB requirements. Washington State & Oklahoma have had their waivers revoked.

Download a list of all States showing NCLB Waiver Status – Updated August 28, 2014.

On the individual state pages approved states will feature all documentation pertaining to the application and approval.

States still under application will feature the ESEA application and the initial response from the Department of Education where available. Some of these initial responses are hard to come by and are not featured on the DOE website yet. Therefore, some may be scanned copies that have made it onto the internet and I have corralled them here for your information.


Multiple areas of NCLB may be waived and a state may select one or more:

  1. Change AYP standards for 2014
  2. Relax Mandated Use of SES/Choice
  3. Rural Programs
  4. School-wide Title I
  5. Use SIG for Priority and Focus Schools
  6. Reward Schools
  7. Relief from HQT Requirements
  8. Flexibility to Transfer Funds
  9. Use 21st CLC During School Day

States could request a freeze to AYP at 2011-12 levels if they need more time to prepare.

To see what your state has requested please read their applications on the individual state pages.

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