ESEA Flexibility Request September 6, 2012 [PDF, 16MB]

ESEA Approved Request August 12, 2013

Highlights of Maine’s Request August 12, 2013.

Maine Peer Panel Notes October 5, 2012


AMO Waiver Approval May 15, 2012. PDF 729 KB

Secretary’s Approval Letter August 12, 2013.


From the Maine DOE website, updated today June 11th 2012.

ESEA Flexibility/Waiver

The Maine DOE has started the work of crafting an accountability and improvement system that’s thoughtful, fair and constructive; a system that considers multiple valid measures in determining the performance of students and schools; and a system that helps struggling schools improve rather than feel stigmatized.  This work on a new accountability and improvement system is in preparation for a September 2012 deadline for submitting a request to the federal government for flexibility in implementing the decade-old No Child Left Behind Act (or Elementary and Secondary Education Act). Many (most) states are applying for this ESEA flexibility.  The process for constructing a new accountability and improvement system for Maine began with a series of forums, a survey, and other public outreach in September 2011. The Department sent a letter sent to U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan on Feb. 13, 2012, that lays out the state’s plans for crafting a new accountability and improvement system.

One of the requirements of the federal process – and a goal shared by us at Maine DOE – is complete transparency and considerable participation by all interested stakeholders and the public. Please use this website to stay informed, to share ideas and to offer feedback.  effectiveness, and crafting a system that holds schools accountable and rewards success.

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