How to Start a Tutoring Business – 9 Easy Steps

When thinking of how to start a tutoring business it can at times seem like a daunting task, individuals are often on the hunt for the world’s easiest tutoring business to realize their dreams.  As a result, tutoring franchises do appear to be an attractive option for individuals looking for guidance on how to start a tutoring business.  There are other options however for individuals looking to start a tutoring business.

The benefits of starting a successful tutoring business can be enormous.  There is the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of others in a way that allows the business owner to quickly adapt their module to constantly evolving circumstances.  For some individuals, it provides an opportunity for a home based business opportunity, namely a home based tutoring company that provides both income and the flexibility lacking in a brick and mortar operation.   That along with US Federal Grants for small business for college tutoring, secondary tutoring, elementary tutoring, or free tutoring in general, offers a plethora of options for individuals looking to start their own tutoring business.

There are typically 9 steps you want to follow to start your tutoring business:

1.  Decide what type of tutoring you will offer – free online tutoring, online tutoring, math tutoring, English tutoring, foreign language tutoring, afterschool tutoring, home tutoring, or peer tutoring.

2. Decide what type of business you want to set up – a home based tutoring business, a franchise tutoring business, or an owner operated brick and mortar operation.

3.  Decide whether you will be a for profit or not for profit entity – this will make a difference in your ability to qualify for some federal funding.

4.  Pick a business name and secure a website – whether you will be a home based business, online tutoring business or stand alone brick and mortar operation, you will need an online presence.   Be sure to pick a name that will clearly identify your specialty to your prospective clients as well as a name that is easy to remember.  If you are going to be filling out government applications, you may want to choose a name that begins with the letter “A”.  When parents are given options for free tutoring, companies are listed alphabetically.

5.  File all the requisite paperwork to start your business – especially when dealing with federal money, it is important to make sure all your papers (operational and financial) are in order.

6.  Subscribe to a tutoring accounting service (I recommend – it is important in order to maintain the credibility of your business that you keep accurate tutoring records to share with parents, school districts, and government officials.  Keeping track of all aspects of your program will also allow you to see where you can improve your tutoring business model for greater success.

7.  Offer free tutoring to a group of students who are having particular difficulty – in this way you build a track record of success with those students and have evidence that your program works.

8.  Consider investing in a software component to deliver your services – online tutoring and learning continues to evolve – eventually most students will be comfortable getting additional supplemental services this way.

9.  Start tutoring!

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First published on my blog on April 21st, 2012

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 S.K. Tilton has served as a program director, site coordinator, area director, and as a SES business consultant to various SES tutoring companies across the United States. S.K. Tilton has written numerous business plans for SES start ups and filed many approved applications on behalf of SES tutoring companies. As a consultant, S.K. Tilton has been responsible for presenting and implementing successful marketing plans and helping first year start ups achieve success normally enjoyed by seasoned SES veterans.

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